Custom Homes and Renovations

Bakker Design & Build can bring any dream home to life! We work with each of our clients, one on one, and ensure that throughout the designing and building process, your goals are being met.

Peter Bakker designs each home, working with each client on an individual basis. He then spends time on the site, ensuring that the building processes are fitting the custom design. He remains part of the entire process, and is always your main point of contact, keeping you informed of the progress and answering any inquires of questions you may have throughout the entire process.

Sometimes, creating your dream home doesn’t require an entire rebuild! Perhaps you’re looking to expand your current home or are in need of some repairs or renovations? We can help!

Bakker Design & Build can complete any home renovation, whether big or small.  We take into account the overall design of your home, working with existing structures to create additions and renovations that will be smoothly integrated into your current home’s design, making the renovation as seamless as possible. For any repairs or renovations, contact us and find out what we can do to help your home feel brand new!